On a fine Saturday evening, I had met this lovely lady in a lounge at Camac Street, Kolkata. This one’s written recollecting those 3 hours.

Devils and Angels waging war within

Alcohol stained eyes still thirsty

The glass and the pipe held with immaculate poise

As her heart sits on her tongue and speaks


The wall meant to be penetrated but not broken

She guards her shell with all that remains

As begins the quest to collect the drops

From the dreams that long evaporated


Time seemed frozen in the moonstone lights

The smoke rose and the souls unwinded

As bruised and broken but believing hearts

Spoke in the heart of the City of Joy


The beautiful deceptive eyes shining through the smoke

The intoxicating smile conquering the demons 

As amalgamating emotions flowed out

Filtered by the soothing serene voice


Illusions started fading as reality re-entered

The bottles empty and the smoke puffed out

A swift walk down the never ending stairway

A pat on the shoulder and a wave of hand

Signalling the end of the mysterious delusion

As what was meant to be unsaid, remained unsaid.




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