The Journey

This one’s dedicated to all those with a passion for travelling and experiencing life in the rawest and truest form.

Etching out roads in the wilderness;
Carving out paths amidst the crowds;
Wind in my hair, soil on my feet,
I keep walking, going with the breeze;

Ears try to hear the inaudible,
Picking up the music of the waves
And the rustling of the leaves;
Eyes, ever hungry and lustful,
Observe the dead in the living
And the life in the inanimate;

Fingers that started itching
To touch and feel mirages and illusions;
Nostrils that flared up
To breathe in the fragrance of truth;
The senses calm down as the vessel fills;
I keep walking, overcoming new thrills;

Goals fade away into oblivion,
As its the journey that now matters;
The heart and mind are now a sponge,
Soaking in life and all it offers;

Wind in my hair, soil on my feet,
The anxious soul in the drivers seat;
The heart learns and mind wisens,
As I keep walking, pushing the horizons…



3 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. bibhashkjha says:

    “As its the journey that now matters ” .. lovely 🙂

  2. akshay says:

    Thanks a lot Bibhash 🙂

  3. B.Manmohan Reddy says:

    Read the 4th para on “God is in sport with the universe and we are his playmates.” 🙂 After all my soul searching till date, this is the understanding I have gained about man and his role in this universe! 🙂

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